DemandBase Stream Review

What is DembandBase

DemandBase is a web service that helps sales people identify, track and close on web visitors. The idea behind DemandBase is simple and nothing new, but it’s the user interface that is unique. DemandBase uses a callback snippet that is added on every page of your website. This script lets the DemadBase server know who is visiting your website and how they browse through it. Nothing too impressive, right? Google Web Analytics does the same.

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Adwords workload calculator

Do you know the time needed to manage a successful Adwords account? This question is important, especially if you allocate manpower inside your marketing team. Or if you’re considering outsourcing Adwords , then how much you save in manpower can help run a ‘santiy check’ on the agency fees.

The calculator below helps you find out your monthly adwords work-load by taking into account how many ads you run, how many keywords you manage and the competitive nature of your market.

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Marketing Leads analysis using ROI calculator

Lead analysis ROI Calculator

Use the ROI calculator to analyze how your marketing campaigns perform. Details are described below the calculator.

Not all marketing campaigns are created equal. Some produce a lot of buzz with little sales, while others go unnoticed but land a few major deals. So how can you realistically compare marketing campaigns with disparate results? Undeniably, the best indicator is the bottom line – the campaign ROI. But to get more granular analysis, it’s best to divide the campaign into stages and compare the following metrics:

  • Total Leads: Total number of unique, identifiable leads generated by the campaign. This ignores duplicates, anonymous and fictitious leads.
  • Marketing Qualified Leads: MQLs are a subset of total leads. These represent the target audience you can potentially sell to (target industry, company size, geographic region, etc.)
  • Sales Qualified Leads: SQLs are a smaller subset of MQLs. These leads have a reasonable chance of closure (have budget, need, and urgency). The SQLs are the ones your sales team gets excited about.
  • Deals: These are the closed sales – money in the bank and a happy new client.

marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads

By tracking these numbers,  you can calculate step drip ratios. These can pinpoint your success factors or bottlenecks in your campaign. Depending on the type of campaign your ratios will look different, as shown below with actual lead counts (keep in mind the calculator shows step-drip ratios and not lead counts.)

Lead Generation Demand Generation and Branding Drip ratios

  • Lead Generation: These campaigns give small number of total leads that taper off proportionally to MQLs, SQLs and Deals. A good example is a campaign that generates sale demo requests.
  • Demand Generation: Gives medium number of total leads. Huge drop from MQL to SQL. Examples include whitepaper downloads, webinars, speaking sessions, etc. That’s because your potential market may be interested to hear your webinar, but not necessarily looking to buy a solution.
  • Branding: Gives highest number of total leads, but very little MQLs. Examples include open-for-all contests, free give-aways on Twitter, etc. Large scale branding may get you heard everywhere, but a small portion is your potential market.

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LeadLander Review

Have you tried LeadLander yet? Unlike other visitor tracking services which are primarily designed for web analytics, Leadlander is designed with the “sales guy” in mind. The premise behind it is simple. As a B2B company, you care the most about enterprise visitors that bring you revenue. LeadLander filters out the “tire kickers” and lets you focus on the corporate/business visitors. It removes clutter from your web logs to show “sale” interested data.

If you are familiar with Leadlander, then read our more advanced review between Leadlander vs. Google Analytics.

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What makes a good Landing Page?

A landing page is a simplified version of your website that showcases a single product or service.  The web visitor comes to a landing page from an external site (i.e. and is enticed to try or buy your offer. A good landing page only focuses on a single message with a goal. This goal can be a download, registration, trial or a buy action.

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Visitor Analytics Market Distribution

We used various online sources to estimate market share of several visitor analytic tools. These approximations are generated for LeadLander, Snoobi, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, DemandBase, NetFactor, ActiveConversion, Loopfuse and LeadExplorer. Also included are Google Analytics and Statcounter, just to see how these popular free tools score. The results are shown below:

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