Location based music goes artsy

Bluebrain did a world’s first by releasing their music album as a location based app. The idea is simple, the music changes depending on which location you are in. The app is downloadble from iTunes and only works around a park in Washington DC.

Location based in music isn’t all that new – last year we saw SoundTracker popup. A service that uses your location to find people with similar music tastes close to you. Then there is Flowd (disclaimer: one of my clients) that combines geo-aware social networking with music, events and concerts. And there’s a list of other geo-location music services, but none can compete with the simplicity of Bluebrain’s new music album.

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Content Adwords work with Consistent Messaging

Content Ads on google network are a fast and cost-effective way to generate qualified interest on your site. The following checklist helps when creating content ads:

  • What type of site do you want your ads to appear?
  • How busy are visitors on those sites?
  • Based on how much time visitors can spare, what’s the most effective message?
  • Does this message work to give you leads?

Example Ad focused for Biz-Dev type of audience

Consistent messaging is key

I’d suggest using an image ad that has a consistent accompanying landing page. For example here is an ad targeting business decision. Since this ad is a few years old, you can see the dated “cloud messaging” format. Notice the consistent theme in both ad and landing page. This is very important to lower bounce rates and increase conversion ratios.

Example: Cloud-theme ad and landing page

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BigBlueButton Web conferencing

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system that uses many of the familiar open-source packages (Flex, ActiveMQ, Asterisk, MySQL, etc) to build a cool web conferencing and collaboration solution. The project started in 2007 at Carleton University by the founders of Blindside Networks.

big blue button web conference

The cool thing about BigBlueButton is that it’s robust, pretty fast and extremely easy to use. After all, its called the BigBlueButton for a reason. It aims to make web conferencing as easy as pressing a blue button. Try out the Demo yourself to see how simple it is to get started.

If you like it then you can get it as a WordPress Plugin (or plugins for a host of different CMS.) You will either need to host the server yourself (downloadable from Google Code) or alternatively use HostBBB.com (a company offering BigBlueButton hosted service for a nominal fee.)

For more information on this cool project refer to BigBlueButton, and you can also get commercial support through Blindside Networks.

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CardMunch – iPhone app for business users

At a recent business networking event @krusk introduced me to CardMunch – a cool mobile app that lets you take a photo of a business card and then upload it seamlessly to a transcription service. That’s were human eyes verify if the OCR picked up all the right things and push the contact information back to your iPhone app.

CardMuhch - how it works in 3 steps

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Sales Cycle Roles Explained

Sales Cycle player

From the sales guy perspective, the sales cycle can often be an exhausting and excruciating road to success. It requires vigilant customer contact, balance between being assertive yet flexible and an exercise of patience.

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