Design Inspiration: iPhone vs BlackBerry

Rumors attribute the iPhone4 design to the iconic Leica photo camera. This rumor plays well with Apple’s brand conscious target group.

Now with RIM all over the news,  I wonder about  BlackBerry’s design origin.  I might have just found the answer while watching a video of Mike Lazaridis at All things D.

At about 2:07 minutes, Mike showcases a Playbook app (a scientific calculator?!?) Talk about a bad choice… why spend 600 bucks on a tablet to run it as a calculator? Anyway, that calculator reference reminds me of Texas Instruments.

blackberry design looks similar to Texas instrument calculators

Do you think calculators inspired the BlackBerry design? Notice how these earlier models had an engineering look-n-feel (especially with the orange power button). But the newer models (i.e. BlackBerry Bold) look less techy, and not a moment too soon.

Originally posted 2011-04-26 23:51:06.

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