Email Marketing Guide: The skinny on successful mail campaigns

Email marketing is a cost-effective and a robust way to approach business prospects. It’s no wonder so many vendors from iContact, ConstantContact, Campaigner, VerticalResponse, MailChimp amongst hundreds of others operate in this domain. But with some much attention, also comes confusion. To overcome this I’m including some factors I consider when rolling out my email marketing campaigns.

Originally posted 2010-10-21 00:21:51.

DemandBase Stream Review

DemandBase is a web service that helps sales people identify, track and close on web visitors. The idea behind DemandBase is simple and nothing new, but it’s the user interface that is unique. DemandBase uses a callback snippet that is added on every page of your website. This script lets the DemadBase server know who is visiting your website and how they browse through it. Nothing too impressive, right? Google Web Analytics does the same.

Originally posted 2009-03-21 02:49:00.

LeadLander Review

Have you tried LeadLander yet? Unlike other visitor tracking services which are primarily designed for web analytics, Leadlander is designed with the “sales guy” in mind. The premise behind it is simple. As a B2B company, you care the most about enterprise visitors that bring you revenue. LeadLander filters out the “tire kickers” and lets you focus on the corporate/business visitors. It removes clutter from your web logs to show “sale” interested data.

If you are familiar with Leadlander, then read our more advanced review between Leadlander vs. Google Analytics.

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