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Promote your Code

This week we launched our promote your code with ShoutEx campaign. Its designed to target SaaS, cloud services and mobile developers. Over the course of few weeks we released several renditions of this campagin on a smaller test group. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us fine tune our message. The result is below – enjoy!

Originally posted 2012-12-04 17:15:23.

Mamut One: Browser Test Drive using Runaware

I was looking at Mamut, a company recently acquired by one of my clients. Mamut offers installed/on-premise software. So I was surprised to see a message asking visitors to test drive the software on the browser.

I filled out the lead capture from to see they were using Runaware, a citrix-based platform. With this, you can view an instance of Mamut’s desktop client. That’s a pretty cool service. You get to view a full-fledged working copy of a complex system within 30 seconds.

From a lead-generation point of view, this can be an effective way to capture leads who prefer an hands-on approach. Runaware also captures analytics so that you can see what features your lead spent time on. Pretty neat!

Originally posted 2011-09-18 00:25:42.

What is Saas?

SaaS or Software as a Service is used to describe web-based software applications that are delivered via the web to a large end-user base. SaaS involves an application vendor hosting a software application such as CRM, Billing Center or a project management system that is available via the internet, usually through a web-browser to a large user-base. The application vendor also provides IT resources including hardware, connectivity and support. The application vendor has the following responsibilities:

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