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Client Overview

Severa is a Software-as- a-Service application used for Professional Services Automation by designers, project managers and other service based professionals.

The client was looking for Go To Market services as it expanded its reach in the Nordics. This included expansion within Finland (home market) as well as expansion in Sweden and the Netherlands. 

SaaS web tour of SaaS signup Lead Magnet

ShoutEx Methodology

Our task was to implement a creative lead-generation campaign that highlighted the business benefits of using a professional services automation.

The Solution

We worked very closely with the Severa team to brainstorm different lead-generation concepts. The winning concept relied on creating an online game embedded into the landing page.

Lead Magnet explained for SaaS web app tool to drive up user signups

The game would allow the user to interact and appreciate the benefits of a Professional Services Automation system. Visitors would be brought into the landing page using highly targeted AdWords and promotions on social media. There would be a primary call-to-action on the page that would capture leads.

SaaS lead magnet signups through gamification

Development of the game was carried out by ShoutEx, requiring different game elements to be programmed and tested. The final game was embedded in the landing page with creative messaging.

Newsletter offer to drive up signups for web SaaS tool app

We implemented a number of viral campaigns that increased brand awareness in the target market.

Newsletter promo for lead magnets to drive SaaS signups

Viral promotions were followed up with giveaways for power users who signed up for a certain length of time.

Travel offer to lift user signups for SaaS web app

Large give aways to exotic travel locations garnished interest and PR from the market. It helped make Severa a name in the market.

Tour of SaaS web app to drive up user registrations

Even with all the marketing in place, we placed immense attention to Conversion optimization on the landing pages.

SaaS signup lift that resulted in Global award
All the attention and effort resulted in significant rise in SaaS signups, helping Severa win global marketing awards.

Creative lead-generation combined with impressive results.

quote-ap-digital-marketing-agency-seo-ads-tiktok-social-media-lead-generation-demand-generation-local-seo-conversion-rate-optimizationAP Salovara
CEO - Severa

The Results

This campaign was highly successful yielding 2½ more leads than previous campaigns of the same budget.

  • 230% lift in lead conversions

  • 81% reduction in bounce rates

  • +10 min per session view

Where are we now

Successful Exit to Visma Norway

Through various creative Go-To-Market campaigns, we were able to sky rocket user signups. Our efforts didn't go unnoticed. Within a year, Severa, the young SaaS startup was acquired by Visma, a large ERP firm from Norway. 

SaaS logo for SaaS signup Lead Magnet

Experience Highlights

  • Ideation
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • UX
  • Game Development
  • AdWords Management
  • Go-To-Market 
  • SaaS User signups
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Magnet
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Tracking and Reporting