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GTM | SaaS | User Signup
SaaS Go to Market Strategy to increase user signups with Google Ads

Lift in Signups


CPL Reduction


Drop in Churn rate

Project Overview

Third Presence is a cloud-based video marketing platform utilized by content publishers globally. The company aimed to develop a lead generation campaign focused on promoting their free trial offer for their SaaS product. By highlighting the benefits and features of their software, they intended to attract potential customers and encourage them to experience the platform firsthand. This strategic initiative sought to expand their user base and demonstrate the value of their innovative video marketing solutions.

ShoutEx Methodology

Working with the client, ShoutEx created an elaborate promotional and lead-capture campaign using Google Search and Display Ads.


The Solution

Since the SaaS product was a high-ticket item, a free trial offer wouldn't appeal as much to the target user. Instead, a request for a demo was better aligned with the expectation of the user. 

To promote the offer, we crafted an elaborate Google Search and Display campaign. The Google campaign was further leveraged with sponsored updates on social media networks. Aggressive targeting to the right persona delivered extremely high Click-Through- Rates.


The Results

Through continuous tracking and monitoring, ShoutEx optimized the landing page. This included tweaks to messaging and usability to produce an extremely successful SaaS campaign.

  • 31% lift in user sign ups

  • 14% reduction in Cost Per Lead

  • 6% drop in churn rate

Logo SaaS Go to Market Strategy to increase user signups with Google Ads

Experience Highlights

  • Message Development
  • Creative Campaigning
  • Lead Generation
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Microsite UX
  • WordPress Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization