Which WordPress Cache Plugin is Fastest?

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Ever wonder which WordPress caching plugin is the best? Our team decided to find out while setting up the test site for Covinr.com. We tried speed tests with the following plugins:

Hyper Cache
Downloaded +260K with rating of 4
Quick Cache
Downloaded +300K with rating of 4.5
WP Super Cache
Downloaded +3.3 million with rating of 4
W3 Total Cache
Downloaded +1 million with rating of 4.5

The Covinr theme has a good mix of images, Javascript, CSS and HTML files. The theme is broken down below with request ratio and size ratio for each element group. This theme is a good representation of a typical modern WordPress site.

The test was run 3 times for each plugin and the fastest load time recorded. All the plugins had default settings with client-side caching and CDN disabled. The results are below:

Cache Plugin Loadtimes
None HyperCache Quick Cache WP Super Cache W3 Total Cache
Time Saved 0 secs 1.05 secs 1.89 secs 2.00 secs 4.74 secs
Version n/a v2.8.9 v111203 v1.1 v0.9.2.4
Load Time 7.56 secs 6.51 secs 5.67 secs 5.56 secs 2.82 secs
Requests 64 60 65 60 26
Bytes 330 KB 326 KB 331 KB 326 KB 268 KB

HyperCache, QuickCache and W3 Super Cache load up pages slightly faster. But since they didn’t minimize code, speed gains aren’t as significant. Compare that to W3 Total Cache that brought down the number of requests by more than half. The result is a site 2.5x faster than before. So in our specific test W3 Total Cache is the clear winner.

Originally posted 2012-05-29 09:19:30.

Enecto for Lead Identification

Enecto provids a B2B Identification solution using a code snippet thats part of your website. It matches the visitors IP address with a pool of IP addresses in its database. If there is a match, it identifies the visitor from such and such company. The database is further referenced for BI (Business Intelligence) data provided by Dun & Bradstreet. The application is pretty robust and offers good data on visitors. But it doesn’t have the same level of features as Active Conversion and neither the cool user interface of Demand Base Streamer.

Originally posted 2009-06-10 10:33:56.

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