Famous Fountain Pen Brands

The pen is mightier than a sword, may hold true, but haven’t you wondered what type of pen they were talking about? We have come a long way from using quills to our modern pens of today. There are three main types of pen available in the market – Fountain pen, Ballpoint pen (includes rollerball pen) and Marker (includes fiber tip and gel ink).  Let’s take a look at some of the most famous fountain pen brands.


It was founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker in Wisconsin, United Sates. Some of the popular models during its history are Duofold, Vacumatic, The Jotter, Vector, Sonnet and Parker 100. It used all over the world and is one of the most famous bands.

Mont Blanc

The company was established in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany. It manufactures luxury writing instruments, watches, and jewelry and leather goods. The logo of ‘White Snowflake’ is depicted on its products. Mont Blanc offer several models of pens, but since 1990, a serial number  was introduced. The Mont Blanc‘s Meisterstuck range of pens is considered one of the finest writing instruments.


Lewis Edson Waterman established the company in 1884 in New York, United States. Some of the most famous models are the Edson, the Exception, the Phileas, the Hemisphere, the Expert, the Harmonie, the Charleston, the Ici et Là, the Audace, the Sérénité, the Liaison and the Carène.


Faber-Castell is one the oldest manufacturer of pens, pencils, other office supplies, art supplies and writing instruments and luxury leather goods. Established by Kaspar Faber in 1761  in Stein, Germany.  It’s famous models are  Ambition, E-motion etc. They also offer Graf von Faber-Castell – a line of fine writing instruments. The variety of fountain pens models come in different finishes, such as wood, lacquered metal, and other finishes. The nibs are either 18K gold nibs, or polished stainless steel with a hard-wearing iridium metal tip.


Richard Cross founded the company in 1846 in Providence, Rhode Island, United Sates. Cross is famous for it’s writing instruments and the first fountain pen was produced in 1930. Cross products are sold in mid-range market and are popular as professional accessories.


In 1912, Wlater A Sheaffer  founded the company in Fort Madison, Iowa, United Sates. In 2014 it was bought by A.T. Cross Company.  Some of Sheaffer models  are Taranis, Legacy Heritage, Prelude, Prelude Mini, Sagaris and  VFM. These pens are slim and light in design and renowned for smooth writing.


Aurora was established in 1919 in Turin, Italy. The pens are still manufactured in their original factory.

There are many more brands of fountain pens, add your picks in the comment section below.

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