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Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we revolutionize your campaigns, delivering precision targeting, real-time insights, and unparalleled ROI. Stay ahead of the curve and dominate the digital landscape with our marketing.

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  • What we do

    Marketing that simply works

    Brand / UX / Design from SaaS Digital Marketing Agency

    Marketing that delivers

    We partner with our clients to deliver marketing results

    ShoutEx delivered on their promise and gave us real results!

    Read the case study


    Startup client success from Digital Marketing campaign

    Els Baert
    NetComm Wireless

    Took us to another level in digital promotion and  marketing.

    Read the case study


    Enterprise level marketing success from Waterloo based agency

    Heather Ritchie

    ShoutEx delivered amazing design and UX services.

    Read the case study


    Canadian client success from Digital Marketing Agency

    Slaven Vlacic

    Saas Lead Magnet SaaS startup digital marketing Agency

    Case Study

    Boosting Signups for SaaS

    Used creative Go To Market initiatives to drive up SaaS signups and increased the user base. 

    UX Design by Kitchener marketing Agency

    Case Study

    Website and App Refresh

    Helping the Canadian justice system get a digital refresh on their website and app.

    Mobile App MVP from Kitchener based Agency

    Case Study

    HR Mobile App for Startups

    Crafted a beautiful MVP mobile app for the job recruitment process at Startups.

    Go to Market startup success with Kitchener based Marketing Agency

    Case Study

    Lead and Demand Generation

    Implemented a successful lead and demand generation campaign based around the Mobile World Congress.

    SDN software startup ABM strategy from Kitchener based marketing agency

    Case Study

    YouTube drive Lead Magnets

    Used social media to effectively drive qualified traffic to Lead magnets and capture hundreds of leads.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Describe your digital marketing agency

    We are a digital marketing agency that focuses on SaaS Startup clients. We've managed multi-million dollar budgets, driving over $500 million in client revenue. Our personalized, collaborative approach ensures tailored strategies and clear communication, fostering strong partnerships and tangible growth.

    What types of services do you provide?

    Our expert team crafts tailored strategies covering branding, UX/UI design, lead generation, GTM strategies, product-market fit, competitor analysis, and MVP code development for SaaS startups.

    Elaborate on your marketing process
    Through regular communication and agile methodologies, we ensure transparency, efficiency, and alignment with our SaaS clients. Using Scrum boards and sprint planning, we prioritize tasks, track progress, and swiftly adapt to evolving requirements. We deliver on time and within budget, fostering trust and satisfaction at every milestone.
    What is your Tech Stack?

    Our marketing toolkit includes Google Ads, GSC, Tag Manager, various advertising and social media platforms, and website development with HubSpot, WordPress, WIX, and Squarespace. We are proficient in Marketo, Pardot, and AI marketing tools.

    For MVP product development, we use PHP and Python on AWS for backend, and NodeJS and React for front-end. For mobile development, we create native iOS and Android apps, or use Flutter and Unity for cross-platform and gaming solutions.

    Do you provide startup advice?

    Yes, we can be your trusted startup advisor for your SaaS business. We help refine essentials, build teams, develop MVPs, and achieve product-market fit. We also help you through the funding process, whether its Angel, Seed or VC. 

    Awards won by our Clients

  • SaaS startup digital marketing Agency for Gartner Cool Vendor Award
  • National Investors Hall-of-Fame SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • SDN innovation award SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • Global Mobile Awards Hall-of-fame SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • White Bull Award  SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • telecoms-awards SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • crn-emerging-vendors SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • excellence-in-sdn SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • brain-prize-hall-of-fame SaaS startup digital marketing Agency
  • red-herring-global-winner SaaS startup digital marketing Agency