What makes a good Logo design

Here are few guidelines for you to consider as you design your logo


What is a Logo?

  • It’s a visual representation of your company
  • It’s part of your branding engine
  • It’s as unique as a face

What it is not?

  • It’s not the only marketing tool
  • It’s not cast in stone.  Logos change and develop over time
  • It’s not the silver bullet – a new logo won’t fix your sagging sales

What elements make a good logo?

  • be simple
  • be easily recognizable
  • reflect you

What are dos and dont’s of designing a winning logo?

  • Do a short Ons  and Offs that your logo should have
  • Do consider simple design elements as colors, symbols and themes
  • Do research  your competitors, partners and industry logos
  • Do hire a professional graphic designer
  • Do think of your entire corporate brand
  • Don’t DIY logos
  • Don’t “Cookie Cutter” your logo
  • Don’t use raster images on logos

Who do I make a new logo?

Use a reputable local design agency that reflects your company attitude. You can use a one-man show or a large design house. It really depends on your budget and the importance of your branding engine.


How do I know if my final design is a good Logo?

If that logo was a tattoo, would you want it on your Company?

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    I see you also made new logo! I like this better than before 🙂


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    As design student, this is usefull read. Most best logo developed very simple. Nike logo developed by student also. Simple logo work long time and easy to remamber for public. When people see logo they must remamber you, that is most important.


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    Moona Kamal


    I have my own accounting firm and just hired a marketing agency to design my new logo. Your article is very helpful. Thanks!


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    Logos are important, but its not what makes the final brand.


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