Getting Open Graph Tags to work for you

What are they?

Open Graph (OG) tags are meta tags that give you control over how your content is shared over social media, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Why are they important?

They allow you to specify the title, description and image, amongst other things, when a URL is shared from your website onto social media.

Much like SEO, it gives your content the best chance of being consumed, by your target audience because it gives you the opportunity to properly tailor its presentation to fit a social media platform.

Jon’s Top Video Ads of 2014

Each year YouTube audiences are presented with video ads varying from blowout sales on brand new mattresses to the webs most popular brain training programs. What makes us explore these offerings that seem to be tailored to our personal preferences? Although I can’t say every single video ad that I’m exposed to sparks an interest and makes me click, I generally tend to look into an ad that has been delivered to me based on what I have searching for the previous day. Such is the beauty of Google Targeted Ads hard at work!

Originally posted 2015-01-02 02:34:37.

PDF Search Engine Optimization

Since my last post on new sales tools, I’ve received some comments about the value of PDFs over interactive portable documents – primarily the value derived from search engines ability to index PDFs. The point is that if you place your marketing collaterals online (such as brochures, datasheets, beat sheets, whitepapers and fast track papers) then you want these to be indexed by search engines as well.

Originally posted 2008-12-03 13:58:00.

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