Rewards for Location based apps

Location based applications are a great marketing tool, and more and more vendors are getting a piece of the market. I recently came across Checkpoints: “the app that pays you back.” The idea is simple, go to various stores and check in to get loyalty points. Get bonus points when you scan specific products. And redeem your points for prizes, gifts and what not.

Originally posted 2011-03-01 18:26:16.

Scotiabank SSL misconfigured?

Did Scotiabank misconfigure their SSL settings? Check yourself by visiting (use HTTPS to force a secure session.)

You should see the following error:


Low Security Grade

I rechecked using a third-party SSL Checking tool. The tool gives Scotiabank a pretty low grade.


Online Banking is Secure

Even though their website is misconfigured, their online banking is setup correctly (meaning the actual banking transactions are protected, just the marketing/web content isn’t.)

Bad User Experience

Regardless, this gives a bad user experience. Imagine as visitors try to go to a secure version of the website, only to find a warning message instead. Scotiabank must have a good reason to have it setup like this – I’d love to find out why.

By the way, I just checked 3 other banking websites – they’re all configured properly.


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ERP value prop through video

ManuOnline is a software-as-a-service client that produces an unique MRP and ERP solution. Their claim to fame is how they offer granular functionality to their manufacturing customers. They needed to convey their value proposition in a simple and effective manner through a video. We thought the best way to target their audience is to focus on the benefits rather than the software itself. The result is below.

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Video Animation for Outlook Plugin and iOS app

Over the summer we worked very closely with SavvyBox, a dynamic software vendor tackling inbox clutter. The Montreal startup is set to change the way we interact with emails – on our desktop, tablet and phone.

SavvyBox’s requirement for a launch video was simple. They needed an energetic video to entice users to join and signup. With a few interactions with their Marketing and Product Team, we were able to create a convincing product story that was short yet informative. The result is below.

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