Logo Evolution of Tech companies

I’ve been looking at Logo designs of a few companies for the past few days as inspiration for some new concepts of my own.

I thought it would be interesting to see how logo designs have changed for some of the  big guys in the industry. Sometimes having a simple and unique design is all it takes to be iconic.

Logo chanes for IBM, apple, microsoft and Google

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What’s your Twitter strategy?

Twitter Strategy

The types of tweets you publish define your Twitter Channel. Your channel can be for company news, customer support, sales promotions or anything else.  Whatever it is, the channel must be consistent with your overall business objective. Companies with limited manpower tend to choose a single channel whereas larger companies have multiple channels. For example, Salesforce has at least 9 different official channels on Twitter.

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App Store Stats (Aug 2011)

I’ve been looking at some App store stats the last week. Out of the 460,000 apps listed in the store, there are a bit more than a dozen priced as high as 999 bucks!  Other interesting things I found from the data are:

App submission:

The number of apps being submitted has levelled off since start of 2010.  Since then the number of app submission is roughly 20,000 apps per month. There are seasonal changes such as spikes at the end of the year and slower summer months.

App Price:

The majority of apps in the app store are free. This number comes down proportionally as their price point’s increase. More than 95% of the apps are priced under 10 dollars. The most popular price point for Games is 0.99 price marker.

I didn’t get a chance to compare these numbers against the Android market, but it would be worth doing so.

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Manage Google Adwords inhouse or outsource to Agency

Adwords Management: Doing it yourself or outsourcing?

This is a good question to ask, whether you should manage your adwords account in-house or if you should outsource it to a search engine marketing agency. All this depends on 3 things:

  • How important is SEM (Search engine marketing) to your marketing strategy?
  • How much competency does your team have with online marketing?
  • What is the opportunity cost of not doing online marketing well?

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Rewards for Location based apps

Location based applications are a great marketing tool, and more and more vendors are getting a piece of the market. I recently came across Checkpoints: “the app that pays you back.” The idea is simple, go to various stores and check in to get loyalty points. Get bonus points when you scan specific products. And redeem your points for prizes, gifts and what not.

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