Sales Cycle Marketing Tools

A sales cycle consists of different milestones, each having a unique set of deliverables to ease the lead to a sale.

Sales Cycle Milestones

Sales cycle tools - brochures, datahseets, whitepapers, demos, trials

Initializing Stage of the Sales Cycle

After you make initial contact, you need to develop rapport. Also, you want to qualify and groom the lead. Brochures and online presentations come in handy during this stage.

Product Review Stage of the Sales Cycle

The “try before you buy” mantra goes a long way in convincing the lead as well as reducing ambiguity about the product offering.

Price Negotiation Stage of the Sales Cycle

After the lead is hooked, cost considerations come into play. Use comparative charts and ROI calculators to justify your price point.

Closing Stage of the Sales Cycle

Most leads sit on the fence – maybe internal approval is required, etc. It’s good to ping with appetizers to keep yourself fresh. Do this by success stories and Fast-track papers.

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    Ginny Booton


    It really helps when you are a newcomer to online marketing to take an online marketing course to keep from getting quickly overwhelmed.


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      J Whitman


      I like the diagram. I found you through google image search. But I’m not entirely sure of some of the “tools” mentioned there.


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    This is a nice set of guidelines on what is required for an Enterprise sales model. Can you redo one for a SMB market space as well?


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