3 back to school mobile apps

Schools in Ontario are back in session and students are going down their checklists to make sure they have everything they need for the classroom.

Here are three smartphone apps that any Honour Roll student must have.


This iPhone exclusive provides access to over 7000 textbooks. CourseSmart claims to provide e-versions of textbooks from the most prominent publishers from the U.S. and Canada.

It is not entirely free, users buy a subscription to an etextbook and then have access to it for 180 days. CourseSmart promises savings of up to 60% and seeing how textbooks have risen in cost by 1,041% since 1977, more than 3 times the rate of inflation, students will welcome a break.


This organizational app is available for free on iPhone app store and the Google Play store.

Trello is a must have for group projects. It lets users create distinct categories, like “To-Do”, “In-Progress”, and “Complete” for example. Users can then populate each category with Cards, with each Card representing a task to do for a project.

While Trello can’t guarantee that every task will get done, it can help make sure that the burden of an entire project is on only one teammates shoulders.


Evernote is the all-in-one note-taking app available for free for iPhone and Android. The app let’s users record meetings and upload photos of notes as well as just typing them up right to the app itself.

Users can categorize notes, highlight them and tag pages to read for later. Once users have themselves all organized, they can then share notes with classmates and message them instantly to help get their friends up to speed as well.

While these three apps can’t foresee every eventuality, they can get any student off to the right foot at least.

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