A Hot-n-Ready Message Strategy

Little Caesar’s Pizza has a video ad campaign with an interesting spin.

The Ad

The video ad shows a family trying to place an order online from a pizza website.The family gives up in frustration. The dad claims the technology to be more of a hassle than a convenience.

The Hot-n-Ready solution surfaces when the family goes “off the grid”.

An Interesting Approach

The video ad promotes the idea that ordering online is a burden. Little Caesars positions itself as the simple answer to this problem.

The Hot-n-Ready message:

  • Stop dealing with complicated online ordering processes. Pick up a Hot-n-Ready Pizza at your convenience.

Behind the Message

Ordering online can be frustrating. Sometimes it is more convenient to place an order face-to-face or over the phone. But does Little Caesars portrayal of the typical family come off too strong? Does the ad give the impression that the average family is impatient and unable to use technology?


It is unique that a business would encourage consumers to not use technology. The Hot-n-Ready commercial goes against the idea that technology makes our lives more convenient.

A business has to be careful when promoting an idea that goes against popular thought. The idea that technology actually complicates a process may be true in some cases. But this is a bold idea with today’s consumers. The message has the potential to be very effective. The key is framing the alternative in a positive light.

Check out the ad for yourself:

What are your thoughts on the Hot-n-Ready Messaging strategy?

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