The Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have become a reality. Companies like Tesla, Google, Mercedes-Benz and now Baidu have been able to bring this futuristic idea to life through artificially intelligent technology.

By 2020, there will be millions of self-driving cars sharing the roads with us around the world.

Aside from how cool it will be to have your own personal chauffer, there are some real benefits that the technology brings to the table.

The Benefits of an AI Chauffeur

One of the more important benefits of self-driving cars is the safety factor. The Eno Center for Transportation predicts that if 90% of cars were self-driving, accidents in the U.S. would decrease drastically.

Here are a few ideas to wrap your head around:

  • Self-driving technology can’t be distracted.
  • Self-driving technology can be programmed to follow the rules of the road. e.g. They can calculate the optimum speed and distance from other cars on the highway, making for a more efficient and safer driving experience.
  • Self-driving cars can communicate. e.g. report unsafe road conditions, traffic congestion or accidents.

Still a Ways to Go

All that being said, self-driving cars are not yet perfect.

This past February, a self-driving car was involved in a collision in Mountain View, California.

This goes to show that self-driving cars still need development. The fact that an AI is operating the vehicle means the manufacturer will have to accept responsibility when something goes wrong.

You can be sure that until manufacturers can ensure safety, we will not see roads populated with self-driving vehicles.

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