Best Super Bowl XLIX commercials

Super bowl commercials are known for their high production values, with costs north of $1 million, and their celebrity spots. As avid marketeers, we follow them quite intently. Here is a list of my top 5 ads from Super Bowl 49.

#5 Budweiser USA: #BestBuds

The Budweiser Clydesdales first made their Super Bowl appearance 30 years ago, and have been an annual fixture ever since. In 2015s installment, we see that a pup’s best friend is not only a man.

#4 Doritos, when pigs fly

Doritos held a Crash the Super Bowl ad contest, where the winner with the best idea would be awarded $1 million. The winning entrant created an ad about a young boy who wants Doritos so badly, he fulfills an age-old proverb.

#3 Bud Light Pac-Man commercial

Bud Light might win the award on this list for the most innovative commercial, because no one, not even the star of the commercial, knew how it would turn out. “Rick”, the star of the commercial, was just a personal assistant from LA picked at random for an awesome adventure. The ad makes the company seem fun, and connected to your “Everyday Joe”. Also, who doesn’t love some Pac-Man nostalgia?

#2 Kia Sorento: “The Perfect Getaway”

Kia’s fun ad juxtaposes action and serenity and both meet at the end in a quirky kind of way. This is the first ad on the list that plays off of celebrity star power. While he hasn’t done much lately, for some members of a certain generation, Pierce Brosnan will always be James Bond.

#1 Esurance: “Say my name!”

Esurance plays to the star-power factor in a big way in its contribution to this list. When Breaking Bad’s series finale aired, a record breaking 10.4 million viewers watched, making the series star Bryan Cranston and his character, Walter White, one of the best recognized personalities of the decade. So having Cranston reprise the role, put on the yellow suit and say a few of the famous catchphrases, might well have been worth the $8 million of Super Bowl air-time.

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