Drupal SEO Modules

Drupal modules for search engine optimization

Drupal is a very robust and developer inspired CMS. And because of the developer support, its very easy to get a collection of SEO modules to enhance your site. Here are a few that I’d recommend:

  • Path: Use Drupals “Clean URL” to rename user friendly and SEO friendly paths.
  • Autopath: Automatically configures path aliases, etc.
  • PageTitle: Sets page title in the best way possible.
  • Global Redirect: Handles 301 duties, cleans URLS, removes trailing slash, etc.
  • Sitemap:  Creates a sitemap automatically
  • Google Analytics: Easily adds the GA code snippet on your site.
  • SEO CheckList: SEO checklist that provides guidelines.
  • Nodewords:  Lets you add meta-tags to your pages
  • SEO Checker: Checks to see how a new page scores on SEO.
  • Search 404: Automatically tries to guess a page when a 404 occurs

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