Hubspot new owners: Google Ventures + Salesforce

With everything so cloud, it’s interesting to see what  Salesforce is doing these days. They have been pushing their Social CRM side of the story as early as 2009. So its no surprise to see them investing into HubSpot today.

Hubspot have been around since 2006 –  the early days of all that was social. They have various forms of analytic tools to measure social media marketing. For example:

Too bad they dont have these tools on the domain. They could have benefited from the extra incoming links. The site right now has 1,600 backlinks, but these two analytics tools boast +2,000 backlinks.

Coming back to the investment, this news is pretty interesting. The funds will presumably be used for expansion (with some going towards relieving earlier investors.) I’m particularly interested to hear what Google thinks of this investment. In the past all their social projects (from Orkut to the latest Wave) have been a disaster.


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