8 simple steps to Online Marketing

Over the past few years we’ve developed a recipe for delivering online marketing services to our clients. This can be broken down in 8 simple steps:

1. Marketing Snapshot

We start by a short review of your existing marketing efforts to identify what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Software website review

2. Profile Targeting

We identify your ideal customer – what are their needs, wants and desires. This helps create a brand promise that resonates with them.

Software website demographics

3. Competitor Analysis

Using a handful of competitor intelligence tools we get a good snapshot of your competitors activities. This helps to identify what to avoid and go after quick wins.

4. Search Optimization

We use various tools to optimize your site with relevant keywords and create back link campaigns to attract higher organic traffic.

Client Software SEO

5. Code Tweaking

We do a site audit before launching a campaign. This ensures that your site looks beautiful as well as performs well with new traffic.

Client web technology upgrade

6. Marketing Automation

We are experts in using market automation tools. We help integrate and train your team to easily identify and nurture hot leads

Marketing Automation


7. Lead Generation

We create demand using online ads, organic search traffic and social media. With optimized landing pages, we ensure the high conversion rates.

 Client Software demand and lead gen

8. Deliver Results

Our constant focus on results in translated into industry recognition and awards for our clients. We make the effort to appreciate this with our clients.

Software SaaS client awards


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