SalesForce + Radian6 = Market Like

I’m pleased to see Radian6, a Canadian company get $300 million richer today.

SalesForce acquires Radian6 for 330 million dollars In the last few months SalesForce has been keenly investing into the social space (e.g. they jointly invested with Google and Sequoia into Hubspot.) The Radian6 acquisition makes great business sense when you consider Chatter from SalesForce and how it benefits with improved social analytics and monitoring.

Being current on social buzz, hashtags and Facebook likes can give great ROI on some markets . For example, consider how quickly dev conferences from Google and Apple got sold out this year. It was a matter of few hours, compared to a few days in 2010 and a few weeks in 2009.

Sometimes, traditional CRM isnt enough to cut it in such fluid markets, and SalesForce is investing into a more pragmatic toolkit. So far it seems to be working for them. Just yesterday I read that SalesForce stock prices are taking a downturn. But today’s announcement jumped them up 5% in a few hours.


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