The Colour of Advertising

Colour can play an important role in advertising. Whether it be the colour of a product or the colour of a web page button, the right colour can clash or compliment your message.


It is a bright warm colour that denotes energy. It is also very eye-catching. Consider these two buttons for a moment.

There have been A/B tests like the one above, centered on which colour is best for buttons on websites and according to ConversionXL, buttons get 34% more click-throughs when red.


Is a colour with a lot of positive connotations to it.

There is a lot of environmental connotations around the colour green as it is known as the colour of nature.

On the other hand it is also the colour of the U.S. dollar and therefore can be used in financial ads as well.

Green is almost universally known as the colour of “go” and evokes safety.


Is a calm and cool colour and evokes strength and stability.

How many established major companies use blue? I can think of IBM, Ford, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, HP, American Express, Samsung, Intel and a lot more.

Also, blue is universally recognized as the colour of links on the internet.

Tim Berners-Lee, the man who helped invent the web made links blue because it stood out better amongst the black text and gray background of Mosaic.


Is a colour of cheerfulness and energy.

Bright yellow is a sure-fire attention getter; however it might be best to stay away from darker shades of yellow because they denote a loss or dullness of brightness.

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