Webcom Montreal: Let it snow…

I remember a time when I used to get weather alerts as text messages on my phone. Now, I get them as tweets while sitting at conferences. And this time, I got to read about our first snow in Montreal while listening to a keynotes session at Webcom. Ironically, the session was about the power of Twitter.

There were a number of interesting speakers and exhibits at the show. One interesting technology was from umen, showcased by Francois Gaumond. These guys offer a content management system that helps builds comprehensive websites without all the web-guru knowledge. I also had a chance to speak to Simon Rouillier from NVI solutions on project management/invoicing for social media marketing. His interview from an earlier part of the day is here on Youtube (in french.)

Sylvain Paillard from Guidyu showcased new technology that adds near-human intelligence into an e-commerce website. You can read more about Sylvan’s application on his blog. What I found interesting was Guidyu’s pricing model. They are leasing their software license each year with an 100% annual renewal. According to Sylvian, lager enterprises prefer this approach. Firstly because it lowers their initial investment since they don’t have to buy the software license outright (very similar to SaaS.) And secondly, the customer can run the application on their own server and data center (unlike SaaS.)

I also met up with IT guru Thierry Hubert from Darwin Development Corp. Thierry has *evolutionary* new technology that makes heads and tales out of the content on the web. While Thierry was eager to start of his demo, the lights at the show floor went out for a few seconds. I thought he wasn’t kidding… he does have some technology that’s going to get us out of the dark. His application can parse different web feeds and make sense out of the chaos by rendering Tag clouds at various topic levels. Thierry is selling this as an API as well as a SaaS service. More on his technology at www.darwindevcorp.com.

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