Search Ad Extensions – The Benefits of Ad Extensions

Looking for an edge on your Google Search ads? Give search ad extensions a try. 

It’s important that your ads have a strong performance. To help your ads have a strong performance, you have to take advantage of useful AdWords features.

Search Ad Extensions

Search ad extensions let you show extra information in your ads. And using them in your search campaigns can make a huge difference in ad performance. Here’s why:

More to Work With

The standard search ad doesn’t give advertisers much to work with. You have 130 characters for a headline, url and ad lines. That’s it. It’s not easy summarizing a product or service with that.

Ad extensions give you a bit more room to work with. Here are some examples:

  • Callout extensions let you add more descriptive text to your standard ad. You can show up to 3 callouts, each at 25 characters. It’s like adding a new line of text to your ad.
  • Sitelink Extensions let you display extra links in your ad. You can use 4 at a time. And with a recent AdWords update, you can display two ad lines with each sitelink. That’s like having 5 ads in 1.

With more room to work with you can provide more detailed information to users. More information means your ads will pack more punch per impression. This will help improve ad performance and result in more clicks.

Higher Ad Rank

Google determines Ad rank using a few factors. Ad extensions are one of them. Google expects ads that use extensions to have more of an impact on users. When calculating ad rank, Google factors this expected impact into their algorithm. Here’s an example:

  • There are 2 advertisers with the same keyword bid and quality score.
  • Advertiser 1 uses ad extensions, advertiser 2 does not.
  • Advertiser 1 will most likely rank higher than advertiser 2. This is because Google expects that advertiser 1 will better solve a user query with a more robust ad.

Improving ad rank equates to improved ad performance. Ad rank is the value used to determine your ads position. By improving your ad rank, you will see your ads achieve a higher position more often.

Search Ad Extensions - Ad Performance vs Ad Position

Better ROI

With better ad position as a result of using ad extensions, you can expect ROI to increase. Better ad position means higher click-through-rates.

The goal of paid search is to drive quality traffic to your landing page. When CTRs increase, you receive more clicks per impression. This means more traffic hitting your landing page and a higher chance of improving ROI.

If you’re running search ads, don’t miss out on ad extensions. Different ad extensions will work better for different businesses and platforms. Choose the extensions that are right for you, and watch your ad performance take off!

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