Corporate Bloggers Checklist

Start Successfully

  • Choose a topic that you can write passionately about.
  • There is no perfect length for a post, but don’t make it longer than it needs to be.
  • Use external sources such as Wikipedia and mention them with links.
  • Always add images to your post.

SEO Friendly Posts

  • Write your articles naturally – don’t try to stuff with keywords.
  • Choose a short and snazzy title, preferably with one keyword in it.
  • Rename your images with keywords that best describe them.
  • Use a single category when you publish your article.
  • Always use tags as keywords that best describe the article.

Be Social

  • When you post an article, don’t forget to socially share (Tweet, Facebook Like or Google+)
  • Frequently check your post for comments from your readers.
  • Do engage in a dialogue and reply back.
  • Comment on posts from other bloggers.

Stay Informed

  • One way of generating blogging ideas is to read other relevant blogs.
  • Try using Google Blog Search to find such blogs.
  • You can subscribe to these blogs through the RSS button.
  • Twitter and Google + are also great ways of staying ahead of the curve.

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Zaki Usman

Hello, I'm the founder and CEO at ShoutEx. I like to blog about marketing, mobile and web topics. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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    Dirk Henrik


    Blogging is important for any business – big or small. Have a read here Blogging is important for any business – big or small. The main important thing is to use common sense!

    The main important thing about blogging is to use common sense!


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    Kristin G


    Very resourceful! But don’t that you also have to write interesting and useful posts. I’ve come across corporate blogs that look boring as hell because it didn’t have any meaningful content. Just blatant plugs and links back to the company site. Ugly!


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