Google Wave crashes and Samsung’s “you’re a barista”

The problem with a wave is that it eventually crashes on the shore. And that’s what Google Wave emailed me this morning. Its officially ending in a few months.

Google has a problem with social tools (Google Wave, Google Buzz, Orkut, Google Friend Connect, etc). Not a big surprise, when you consider most top-brass in Google are engineers. And that’s exactly the Fanboys they appeal to. Guys who talk about technology for the sake of bells-n-whistles, rather than value.

To further this point, my clients shared a cool Samsung ad with me last night. I love how it pokes fun at die-hard Fanboys. The best part:


I can never get a Samsung, I’m creative…

    Other guy:

Dude, you’re a barista


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    small cars


    Thought that was funny. Its a good way for Samsung to nullify the iPhone followers.


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    Hhaha, now I gota check out the new Samsung…


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