How to Increase SaaS conversions

I often get asked about how to increase conversions – especially in a software-as-a-service environment. There is no cookie-cutter approach, but these 5 points are a good start:

Simplified Product View

Make your product solution simple. Remember, its very easy to make things hard, but quite hard to make them easy. Spend the effort to simplify your message.

Targeted Call-to-actions

Think about the type of audience that will be looking at your site. Most techies are hands-on, so they like the signup/trial button. Biz-dev types can either go with a signup (as long as your solution is simple) or some may prefer to talk to a sales person. The academic/research type leads like to download whitepapers, register for webinars, etc. These conversions you feed into your marketing automation engine.

Clear Navigation

Long gone are those days of cluttered menus with dozens of drop downs. Keep your menu structure simple. Also make sure you’ve a sign up button and a login button clearly visible in your top navigation.

Support, Support & Support

SaaS is a service… and support is part of that service. So make sure you clearly specify a good support section, including how you support your users (or their end-users). Specify times you man your support desk and how they can reach you (email, online, chat, phone, etc).

About us

And make sure you’ve a good about us section. Remember to cater it to your audience. Think what they are looking for. Give them all the reasons to do business with you.

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    Shabnam S


    Very useful list. I find listing the price is also important. People need to know what they are getting (good product message) and how much it costs (price) in order to see its value – that’s when you get signups.


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