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I came across the Metrics not Myth campaign Ads from Adobe. I found them pretty creative and compelling enough to visit the “Adobe Marketing Cloud” product page.

With such cool ads, I had expected the follow through message to be just as creative. The content on the page isnt that bad – it’s segmented towards different marketing roles (CMO’s, content marketeers, search, social, etc). It’s sprinkled with testimonials, credibility building logos, awards and all that. But it falls short on the call-to-actions. There is the chance to download a whitepaper or see a webinar (that’s after you fill out a long lead-gen form).

I’m sure its luring enough for research/academic type leads to convert. But how about addressing more tactile users and giving them something to try? After all, your product name has the word cloud in it… so why not offer a trial as most cloud vendors do?

Could it be that Adobe marketeers have fallen trap to the first myth they want to bust – the use of buzzwords in marketing? Or does it indicate a loose integration between various solutions that make up the Adobe cloud marketing suite… but its hard to judge since there is no trial to see.


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    This is always the case with such marketing campaigns.


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