Scotiabank SSL misconfigured?

Did Scotiabank misconfigure their SSL settings? Check yourself by visiting (use HTTPS to force a secure session.)

You should see the following error:


Low Security Grade

I rechecked using a third-party SSL Checking tool. The tool gives Scotiabank a pretty low grade.


Online Banking is Secure

Even though their website is misconfigured, their online banking is setup correctly (meaning the actual banking transactions are protected, just the marketing/web content isn’t.)

Bad User Experience

Regardless, this gives a bad user experience. Imagine as visitors try to go to a secure version of the website, only to find a warning message instead. Scotiabank must have a good reason to have it setup like this – I’d love to find out why.

By the way, I just checked 3 other banking websites – they’re all configured properly.


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Zaki Usman

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    | is not an HTTPS site….


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      Zaki Usman


      Most banks allow for SSL access to their corporate site, so why would Scotia be any different?

      It seems ScotiaBank is using a CDN to streamline content delivery and aren’t forcing SSL properly across the entire constellation.


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